Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Moments

My sister got married last weekend. I stood as a bridesmaid, and after I got over the nervousness of Isaac preaching his first wedding (he did great!), I enjoyed it all so much, maybe more than any other wedding I've been to.

You know how "Butterfly Kisses" is such a song of the 90's and was so overplayed back then? Well, when Jana and my dad stepped on the dance floor and she nestled in just like a little girl as the first strains of the song began to play, I just burst into tears. I remember the first time I heard the song, while in the US on a family road trip in the car. My dad got all teary with his four little girls in the back seats. Now here he is with four adult daughters, one literally with "little while flowers all up in her hair" and walking down the aisle. My dad is a tender, gentle dad who has loved his daughters well, and my goodness, watching them dance and my dad cry just... yeah.

It was beautiful to see two families come together so strikingly. Our family is close and all of us sisters and sister-in-law were bridesmaids and the rest of the family was clearly loving on Jana and Jase. I knew that would happen, but it was cool to have Jase's family arrive and find them to be this amazing extended family all raised in the same city and full of life and fun (yay, I LOVE fun people!). At one point of the ceremony as special music was going on, the two families got on stage and circled around the new couple and the two teary dads prayed over them. Though it wasn't organized, afterwards we all hugged the new in-law and welcomed them to the family. It was just tender and loving and a beautiful picture of the support of the families in this marriage.

And beyond the sappiness, it was so much fun. When I asked the groom's brother that escorted me down the aisle who the biggest introvert of his family was, he couldn't think of anyone that was an introvert! Since their family is fun-loving, it made for a good amount of trash-talking and a full dance floor. I love it when lots of other people dance without shame, because it means I can join in and know no one is watching! Even Judah got over his fussy day and began running through the dancers, smiling and clapping.

So much fun!

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