Friday, August 17, 2012

Ethiopian Man at the Park

At the end of our last training session in Chicago, we went to the playground outside of our building and let Judah swing for a while.

There was an old man watching his grandkids, and I heard him tell someone he was Ethiopian. Since we lived in "Little Ethiopia" of Dallas, I went over and said hi. Turned out the man had quite a story.

He is a Christian from the countryside in Ethiopia and was educated in a missions school. He became a teacher in the city. He was in the US for surgery and was able to see his grandkids while he was there, because his son-in-law ("I like him very much, he is a good man, an honest man") was about to graduate with a PhD in theology and return as a church leader to Ethiopia. His son is a medical doctor.

He chased his grandkids around with a smile and chuckled at Judah's antics. He spoke of the goodness of God, of the current state of the Middle East, and of the importance of political and religious freedom.

I walked away thinking..... here I am standing outside of a building with 100 years worth of passion in building men like himself and families like his, who are strong in faith and integrity and are leading in all sectors of society. It is a natural transition from a heart transformed to a life of service, and lives of integrity and service change a nation.
As we sat listening to his words and he spoke his approval of our plans, I wonder, can we be a part of mentoring young people who will lead and raise up more leaders who transform the world around them?

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