Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I Was Into - Spring and Summer 2012

I haven't done a "What I Was Into" post in months , but please, post links to your recent media reviews! Do not think that by the extensive nature of my list that I have been bored out of my mind.... it simply reflects about six months worth of time!

miss marpleWe watched the full season of Smash, which has a good dose of smut and is probably similar to Glee (though I've never watched Glee so I'm just guessing). Not sure I can recommend it completely with an easy conscience?

On the other hand, I can heartily recommend Masterpiece Theater's Miss Marple. I do love me some Masterpiece, and those who love Downton will probably love Marple. I grew up on some of her stories - she's Sherlock Holmes in the form of a prim and proper, sweet British spinster. It's charming British villages, quirky characters, dastardly deeds, and Miss Marple solving it all while letting someone else think they solved it themselves.

Game of Thrones is currently super popular and we're a little late to the game and are watching the first season via netflix DVD. It's sort of a fantasy world that's Tolkein-esque (but lets be honest, no one is as good as Tolkein). It's a bit more like Rome in terms of the drama and sensuality, and I'm not sure I'm totally sold yet. I keep getting lost in the plot, even though I love the setting and the artistic elements of it.


After getting into an argument with co-workers about why I think every one's love of 24 is weird, I was challenged to watch the whole first season and then give a report. Isaac and I mocked our way through the first season and truly, we didn't get it. Jack Bauer, the supposedly awesome action hero, was sort of lame and not all that smart most of the time, and his wife and daughter were sort of annoying characters. In the very last episode things finally got interesting and unpredictable, and we were told the first season wasn't as good as the rest. So - we'll keep going... but we're still skeptical.

And.... So You Think You Can Dance is on on Wednesday evenings, and I love that show. Favorite? Cole.


I got Spotify, which has allowed me to listen and explore genres and not have to buy full albums. I'm experimenting with The Black Keys.

I've been venturing into Bluegrass with Trampled by Turtles and even old school Earl Scruggs and others like him.

And I can.not.wait for the next Mumford and Sons album. One YouTube preview has us all excited:


I recently wrote a couple of book reviews and will be writing more, so no need to add anything here!

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