Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. Isaac and I just started talking about college savings for kids. I have no idea where to even start. I would like our kids to have to work some for their own degree, but I would also like to make college accessible. How much do you save? How do you save? Those of you who have also thought about these things, please chime in. I need your perspective.

2. Judah is playing around my feet now, well-slept and silly. He turned on the speakers and started dancing even though there was no music playing. There is such joy sometimes in kids, I just love the curiosity and laughter and smiles. As he has gotten over the clingyness, I've begun to love this stage of learning and communicating and a sense of humor. He says "oh oh" and "daddy" and "Bob" (the tomato) clear as day, and signs "more", "please", "thank you" and "all done".

3. Car incident. Yesterday a woman turned into me and lightly dented my car. She jumped out of her car saying, "Ok, what did I do?" Well, 20 minutes later as I was pulling into the work parking lot having decided not to claim it because my car is old, I got a call from my insurance saying she'd just called them and told them I was merging and ran into her. What? For several hours I was so frustrated, feeling like I had been intentionally gracious and now she's trying to take advantage of me. But you know? She can't prove anything, and sometimes people are like this, and it'll be fine. I did learn several things. Always call the cops to get a police report, even if you don't intend to claim. If you witness an accident, always call to give a witness. Never give your insurance information if you weren't at fault (I think?).

2012 Democratic National Convention4. I followed both the Republican and Democratic conventions and listened to several speeches. They are, as someone on my facebook said, like high school pep rallies. Mostly they are emotion and hype-filled, meant to energize the base and filled with little of substance and lots of empty rhetoric. I was frustrated by the Republican convention as per usual. But you know, while there are some Democrats that I truly LOVE and am thankful for, I found myself aghast at some of the philosophical positions the party as a whole stands for. I left convention season reminded that I don't really fit into either political party, and thus am a swing vote and they should all be trying to convince me! And also, I began doing a research dive into the history of abortion and law in America. Post coming.

5. So You Think You Can Dance wraps up on Tuesday and I'm such a fan girl, it's kind of unbelievable. I have watched for several seasons, but this time I started following a few of the contestants on twitter, which actually makes me feel like I know their personalities and how they're feeling on a daily level. And you know, I have no idea if it's always like this, but this season at least those dancers just love this experience and feel so bonded. It's like kids on a retreat high, not wanting to go back to real life. They've been posting silly youtube videos they've made with each other during their evenings off. So yeah. The deeper I get in, the more lame I feel.


6. My husband took last Sunday to be away, taking time to pray and reflect on the last year and vision and goals for the next year. I saw my parents do something similar when I was growing up, and this was encouraged by the organization that we're going overseas with. Well, Isaac came home so refreshed and energized and peaceful, and he'd written me a beautiful encouraging email (typically not his method of communication). I was perhaps struck most of all how great it is that time spent with this God that I serve results in that kind of beauty and growth.  It is a good thing to be in His presence.

7. Temperatures are dropping here in Texas, to below the 90's even. This means everyone on facebook and twitter are buying and posting about their first pumpkin spice latte of the season (Starbucks is incredible at marketing), and my husband is playing Christmas music (far too early). Temps below 100 means great family walks for us a couple times a week. There's a road that does a u around our house. It's about a three mile, one hour family walk through woods and fields and country. We see horses and cows (even longhorn) and donkeys and chickens. It's great exercise and talking time for Isaac and I, and with a cool breeze it's super pleasant.

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