Monday, September 24, 2012

Small Town Texas

I mentioned that we live near McKinney, Texas. We don't really live in McKinney, though, we live as far as you can get without being in the next town. I say we live in the country, but I suppose it's sort of small town rather than country, because there are still plenty of houses around. They are just houses surrounded by lots of land, fields, horses, cows, and chickens. I mean, I had to bypass our street one day because of a wreck and found myself wandering for forever down gravel roads with views like this.


I have been utterly charmed. I used to say that I'd love to live in a tiny town in Colorado, and that seemed at odds with my love for the big city of Chicago. I'm proving it true, though. I love the big city and I love the country, but I do not love the suburbs.

And so, I love living here.

We drive down a gravel path past our host's home to "Granny's Cabin".


When I am outside in the morning, I hear the roosters crowing, and the donkey from the land on the other side of the patch of woods behind us.  It's great practice for going back to the jungle, as we battle mosquitoes, centipedes, spiders, and bugs of all types. Actually, after having encountered several maybe wolf spiders or maybe tarantulas on our family walks, we see skinny spiders walking around us while we're outside and just ignore them.

And.... I let my kiddo run outside barefoot and he comes in dusty and rough and tumble and warm from the Texas summer and pushing his push car back and forth over the porch ramp.


We take long family walks and see horses and cows and country front porches.

City hall and the fire department are adorable and even have rockers on the front porch (as seen through our rainy car windows).

The closest downtown has an adorable city block with a restaurant, gym, the only coffee shop in town, a winery.  We just can't wait to go to experience our first Texas high school football game. We keep saying that we for sure live in Dillon, Texas, just like the show Friday Night Lights.

And Judah even has overalls so that he can join in the general aura.

I have consistently told Isaac I'm not sure I'd want to actually live in Dallas again. Now, however, I know there are Texan small towns I might just thoroughly enjoy if we have to redeposit on American soil.


Catholic Mutt said...

What a sweet little cabin! I'm glad you're enjoying the small town. It looks like a lot of fun.

Bridget said...

it looks like such a sweet, quiet place! and i too am excited for you to have your first FNL experience at a football game!! (i cannot relate-- high school football in the philadelphia area was NOT a big deal. it seems so much more fun in texas!)