Sunday, September 9, 2012

Living in McKinney

*caveat: None of the photos in this post are my own, they are public photos on flikr. There are a some great photographers, so please click on their photos to find the owner and browse more of their work.

  McKinney, TX

We moved to "the country". To us it feels like the country, but really it's just the country-ish area outside of the city. It's wonderful.

I was going to do a post on the area, but it's too much, so... you'll get them over time.

First off, we now live near the city of McKinney. It's fantastic and just a few weeks ago was named the second best small town to live in in all of America! It's got a little city square that's all cute-ified for tourists, and they've got all kinds of great stores and a farmers market a cafes serving locally grown produce. It's the fake country part of the area, but it's so sweet that I love it anyways.

Chestnut Square Farmer's Market (7) Chestnut Square Farmer's Market (8)

Ah. I have some wannabe hipster in me, so the ability to live near the big city, sort of in the country, and near an adorable small town is really wonderful

Just outside of the city square is a beautiful, old, wealthy neighborhood with houses like this one:

513 W Louisiana, McKinney

And a historic old downtown area that oozes charm: The Chapel at Chestnut Square, McKinney

My favorite spot in downtown McKinney is Patina Green. It has a cafe with a few soup and sandwich items, except it's made by a fantastic chef, all fresh and local and organicy. Great coffee and iced tea too, and homemade sweetening syrup. There are also bakery items and wonderful sides of various local-grown vegetables. Amid all the whole-food things for sale on their shelves are also fun little antiques and home decor items. And perhaps best of all - the decor. It changes weekly and it just stunningly adorable. It's a treat for me just to walk around! See a photo of their eating area here.

A few other McKinney photos:
IMG_5488 McKinney Texas Square Collin County Downtown Shopping Restaurants IMG_5500 McKinney Texas Square Collin County Downtown Shopping Restaurants IMG_5508 McKinney Texas Square Collin County Downtown Shopping Restaurants IMG_5536 McKinney Texas Square Collin County Downtown Shopping Restaurants (lest this be mistaken as a referral, be assured that the British pub pictured isn't very good at all, and my British-raised husband was deeply disappointed)

So yes, I do love McKinney!

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Sturgmom said...

So cool that you're in McKinney! I work in Allen, so not too far. Have you been to either of the huge thrift stores near there? Thrift Plaza is right off 75 and Family Thrift is in Plano on K Ave.

A friend of mine lives in McKinney and she and her husband have a food truck. They'll be in front of the David Weekly model homes in Tucker Hill/McKinney TX on Saturday the 15th from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. You should check them out!

Kacie said...

Hey, cool!
I just tried out Thrift Plaza, and it was a great find. Haven't tried Family Thrift. We're actually so far east we're right on the border of Princeton, but I drive through McKinney every day to and from work. Love it! And we just tried out a legit mexican food truck over by us. I took photos and was going to do a post. Fun!

Allen is AMAZING too. We love to splash pad at the village of fairview.