Saturday, October 13, 2012

Evening Walks in Small Town Texas


We walk in the evenings a few times a week. There's a three mile road that does a loop around our house, and we load Judah into the hand-me-down jogging stroller and off we go. It's time to talk, time to exercise, and time to enjoy where we are.

We didn't do it much over the summer because it was so hot, and as it started to cool down the walks were still brutal. Now, though, the evening creeps in earlier and some walks are filled with the immense quiet of twilight. Sometimes we watch a gorgeous sunset when we hit the top of the hill and  can see the McKinney water tower in the distance. Last week the air was crisp and clear and smelled of wet earth, and our cheeks stung with the cool.

There is a dog who sometimes comes out and escorts us part of the way, and we pause to see the cows on one farm, longhorn cattle in another field, and the horses at the equestrian center. One man has chickens who just roam his yard, and they are bigger than his not-so-ferocious dog. Right before our house someone has a donkey.

We never know what we'll encounter. We've nearly tripped over massive wolf spiders. One week we passed a man in a business suit and shiny shoes walking his dog in the middle of the gravel road, and the juxtaposition was so strange. There is a house that has no earthly business being in this neighborhood, and I would just love to know what the owner was thinking.

Then there are the front porches. There are picket fences and beautiful farms, and then there's the opposite cliche.

When we get towards the end, the shadows are long and we sometimes pause at a big field if Judah is tired of being cooped in his stroller. Judah and I spin in circles while Isaac ponders how best to survive the zombie apocalypse in this area (too much Walking Dead recently).

It's such a beautiful, peaceful family time.



Rach said...

I would totally be concerned about zombies...this looks just like Walking Dead season 2 territory. But it's beautiful, too, and as it cools down here I am a bit jealous that you'll get to continue walks in the warmth for a while longer!

CatharineKariana said...

That's so funny I'm staying with a friend right now and her and her housemates are constantly talking about their game plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse. I also love the crazy house photo

Kacie said...

Oh my gosh. We walk two or three times a week and seriously Isaac talks about it EVERY time. He's been on google earth planning our escape routes once the initial craziness has passed. He has a whole plan.

It's a little frightening.