Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Don't Care if I Never See A Miracle, but.....

There was an article recently in Christianity Today on miracles. It was good. I was touched, though, by the last few paragraphs, which I so agree with.

Everything that happens in creation is pregnant with the power and the presence of God. Nowhere you can go escapes him. Nothing that happens, happens apart from his will. Everything is natural and supernatural at the same time....

Jesus' feeding of the 5,000 was in one sense far less significant than an event no one comments on at all: the wheat harvest. It strains belief that a desiccated kernel of wheat can be transformed into a wheat plant. Year after year it happens in thousands of locations around the world. It feeds the world by the power of God, but nobody marvels.

Let Jesus multiply a lunch, once, for a crowd of a few thousand, and we do wonder. Not that it is more significant or God-empowered than the wheat crop. Only that it is a rarity we never see. It is a sign—that Jesus, through whom wheat was made, and who sustains and empowers its growth—is on the move in an unusual way: his kingdom, long promised, is breaking in.
See, I don't actually care if I never see what most people qualify as a miracle. The Chinese use science to make it rain, modern medicine heals those we thought were lost, and we fly over the oceans and through space these days. We in the West are hard to impress.
You know what I do long for, and what I rarely see? This is the true miracle to me. Marriages that are characterized by deep intimacy and love and respect life-long, sometimes that initially had no earthly reason to survive. That.... now that is amazing. Children, unloved and neglected, who somehow have hearts taken ahold of and are transformed to wholeness and health as adults. Inexplicable. People with enemies, deeply wronged, who somehow forgive and pour out their lives to help those they should hate. Those who have nothing and are completely content and filled with joy despite all they lack.
Those things, those are the greater miracle. Sometimes I see those things. Miracles are meant to be a sign. These things are small touches of grace but they shout to me of the mighty miracle of the love of God taking hold of hearts and changing the pattern of this dreary world.

 Am I a part of this miracle?

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