Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Night Lights

We visited a Texas high school football game.

Friday Night Lights

Truth is, we probably only did it because we watched Friday Night Lights and since then Texas high school football games have taken on a mythological sort of feel for us, and we just had to go to one before leaving the state.

It lived up to our expectations. Crowds of people, concessions stands, three different dance teams, two bands, oh the drama. At times you want to turn to the students around you and remind them that it is, after all, just high school, and that most of their life will not actually be like this.

There's cheerleaders and then there's another thing, I forget what it's called, but they are essentially dancers. And in Texas they all wear weird cowboy hats and skirts. F'real.
Judah's like, "Mom, what is going on?!"

It was fun. I can see why so many families go to games. And considering how much high school drama happened at small town Friday nigh basket ball games in Papua, Indonesia, I'm sure the level of high school drama is sky high in Texas.


Jaimie said...

Track team? Maybe. I was homeschooled.

Ronnica said...

That's a neat experience! I love going to football games, no matter who is playing.

Stephanie said...

Drill team? Didn't Lauren do that? :)

Kacie said...

Drill team! That's it. Yeah, I think Lauren, and several work friends, and almost all of my high school girls. Friends from Oklahoma say they don't wear those outfits in OK drill teams.