Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I've Been Into - Fall 2012

walking_dead_poster We started the Walking Dead completely aghast at the gore, but we got sucked in and are now totally into The Walking Dead, which is.... a zombie show.

We also gave Breaking Bad a second chance, and while am still trying to figure out what the overall message of the show is, it is interesting and Isaac is obsessessed with it. Hmm. It looks like Isaac's been winning out in our viewing choices recently.

Mumford's new album dominates the playlist right now. It is stunningly beautiful and everyone loves it so I feel cliche, but oh, it's worship. This music video too. Wow.

NPR dominates the radio. And as for sermons, if I'm looking for something to listen to in the car, I generally listen to JP. This one from a few weeks ago was just so good. I recommend it.

I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was brutal but yes, a really good mystery. I also want to know - do the Swedes drink as much coffee as it sounds in that book?

We just finished the letters from Saint Ignatius, and I'm also reading Connecting by Larry Crabb.


mochi Dallas got a Trader Joe's! I've been able to swing by twice, and have really enjoyed their cheap wine prices, the dried fruits and nuts, and some frozen things I can use for lunches at work. Ironically (since they emphasize healthy food) their chocolate and candy has been impressive. We've had their chocolate covered espresso beans to keep us up on the road, and I like their green tea mints. And they have mochi (a sort of rice paste filled with ice cream). And perhaps best of all....

I have been intrigued over the course of the last few years by things like natural or homemade deodorant and oil-based cleansing. Making your own takes time and a speciality shop, and so I've never gotten around to it. My first visit to Trader Joe's I found their face wash with tea tree oil. It has a lot of the same ingredients as the homemade versions I've seen on blogs, and seems to be imitating a Dessert Essence face wash.   It's so different! Oil cleansers are watery because they are the consistency of oil, and it's a weird thing to put something oily on your face and have it wash off leaving no oily feeling at all. I love it. My skin is oily and acne-prone, and this has been SO good for it.


Jaimie said...

The overall message of Breaking Bad? Pride comes before the fall. It's amazing to rewatch as well.

I've been buying a lot of SLS-free soaps lately. I'm going to blog about it soon, assuming I find them worthwhile.

Kacie said...

Hmm, good point on Breaking Bad, Jaimie.

I forgot to mention that I also bought all-natural deoderant from Trader Joe's and it, unfortunately, just isn't going to cut it.

Jaimie said...

Hahahah. What's wrong with it?

Jaimie said...

Deodorant is the one thing I've had no desire to change, ever. I am totally content with my Secret baby powder smelling stuff.

Kacie said...

Just doesn't work well enough. Some people have said that about all natural stuff, but others swear they've found a good option. I haven't. And you know, smelling like a girl is actually kind of important to me.