Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marking Two Years

My little one turned two this week, and I noticed that I write about him less as he grows and becomes more independent and isn’t as all-consuming as those first newborn months were, (birth story here) when I wrote about him to process what was ever-present.  I wasn’t someone who had this intense desire to be a parent. I grew to feel ready for it, but I think, like marriage, I was aware of just how hard it would be sometimes and how you lose your independence and all that dose-of-reality stuff.

What did surprise me back then and still now is the sheer delight I take in this little person, so much that it makes my heart ache. It’s so funny how attached we get to a newborn who can essentially do nothing but sleep, eat, poo, and cry. Now he’s so much more of a person, I look back at those early photos and am amazed at how much more I know of Judah now (one year birthday post here).

I wish I could show you how his cheeks, even at two years old, are still beautifully chubby and baby soft, and I kiss them all the time. There’s that mysterious blond hair that defied the odds of recessive genes, and those bright blue eyes. He’s mischievous and playful, delighting in being chased or thrown around. But really, he’s meticulous. He meticulously messes things up, carefully checking his spots to see if things are all back in place and then taking them back out again. *rolls eyes* He’s currently obsessed with cars. Now when he finds a car anywhere he puts it on the floor and lays next to it as he rolls it around, watching the wheels turn with fascination. We got him several cars for his birthday and after opening the first one he refused to open any other presents because he was too busy with his car.

He’s just really gotten into books. Before he’d put up with us reading one or two, probably because he liked that it put our full attention on him.  Now he suddenly wants to read all the books, over and over again. He’s started pressing my nose and saying “beep”, and then he gently touches my eyelashes. He loves to get butterfly kisses and they make him giggle. When he’s sitting on my lap he knows that right now he fits perfectly under my chin, and he’ll shift around until I rest my chin down and he knows its right. He doesn’t carry a blanket around but he does get a blanket in bed, and he turns them around until he’s got it on the soft side and then gently watches the individual strands brush against his fingertips.

When I walk in he’s beside himself with excitement and yells, “DADDY!”, because he stubbornly refuses to ever call me mommy. I just melted when we were reading a book and I asked him where the main character’s mommy was in the picture, and he pointed. I then asked him where Judah’s mommy was and he pointed at me. He’s still insistent about wanting to be with me, preferably HELD by me most of the time when I’m home. He likes to play while sitting in my lap or in an orbit around me, sometimes imitating every posture of mine.  When I stand up, though, he must immediately be held, maybe to minimize the risk that I would be able to walk out the door without him.

He’s not talking much, though he seems to make lots of the right sounds and understands most things. He just doesn’t seem to feel a drive to communicate outside of the few signs that he knows. He’s started spontaneously using the “thank you” sign when he’s eating or just chilling with me, which, you guys, is the most gratifying, heart warming thing. I take it as, “I love you.” On the other hand he’s totally also into essentially yelling “RAH” and throwing whatever is in his hand when his will has been thwarted. Hello two years old!

Over Thanksgiving I got to watch him actually play with his cousins for the first time, and it was amazing. For all that terrorizing and mess-making, he’s actually pretty gentle. And over the course of his time with his cousin Dempsy, they had three or four different things that they did together that sent them both into fits of hysterical giggles. Judah apparently wants to make people laugh, because he’d come out and try to do each of those things again and then laugh and then look at Dempsy, hoping he’d laugh too

I've been really enjoying this age and the playfulness of it, and the amount of bonding we do as a family, all together. And oh, the joy. I mean really there is probably nothing in the world more joyful than little kid giggles.

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Erin said...

Laughed when I watched the video! Baby laughs are so contagious! He is so cute!