Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas in Narnia (otherwise known as the Colorado Rockies)

We spent Christmas at my brother and sister-in-law's place in the mountains of Colorado. Coming from over five years in Texas, the beauty of the snow and mountains was just overwhelming. We'd step out their front door and immediately be walking in this gorgeous, snow filled valley. It had that immense silence that comes when the snow absorbs the sound waves.

We took long walks, posed for self timer photos (doesn't go so well with a husband like mine)...

...and actually went to a Christmas Eve service here (see below), which is most definitely the most beautiful place I've ever been to a Christmas service!

This is our hosts, my studly brother and family..... and the friendly ranch horse at the Christmas Eve service.

I can't imagine having a more perfect place to spend Christmas, especially considering that we hope to be in the tropics by next Christmas and will probably be "dreaming of a white Christmas." And family.

Oma (Indonesian for Grandma) watched the two kiddos so that all of us no-longer-kids could stroll into town and watch The Hobbit. It was just incredible to have this journey through the snow to watch an epic movie like that, and then walk back in the sharp cold with snow under our feet and the stars overhead.

A truly magical Christmas. (Oh, and two trips to the emergency room, because our family is anything but boring. Lucky my brother is a firefighter and emergencies are what he does).

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