Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Makeup Basics (for oily skin, at an affordable price!)

Gentlemen, you can skip this one. It's totally a girl post.

I like makeup. I know that everyone uses makeup and approaches skincare with different intentions. Some people want to be artistic or look dramatic to define their personal style. We all have different faces and features, so some want to highlight their eyes or bring a little color to their face or keep their chronically dry skin moisturized.

Well, for me, my intention with makeup is to look nice at an affordable price. I have pretty bad skin, acne prone and oily. So generally my approach is to find good makeup that provides good coverage for oily skin, and then highlight my eyes. With that I feel like I look nice and still natural. There is great high-end makeup out there that has a thousand glowing reviews, and I have read and coveted those items. I've also faced reality that hey, I just can't justify paying out that kind of money when I can probably find good items at a cheaper price.
Hard Candy _Glamoflauge

With bad skin, concealer is absolutely necessary and this is the item where I've actually tried some high priced items. I'm also convinced there has to be good concealer at drug-store prices. Right now I'm very much appreciating Physician's Formula Conceal Rx. Online reviews have told me that the very best option is Hard Candy Gamoflague, available only at Walmart and online, and that's my next buy. Use it underneath your foundation.


revlon_colorstay Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination and oily skin is truly amazing. It's available at almost every drug store and is far cheaper than other highly rated options. Blend it well and it lasts all day, and I have no problems with shine in the winter. I adore it. I do love and appreciate Bare Minerals also and I do recommend it if you like lighter coverage. It's amazing to me that a powder can end up with coverage like a light cream. However, for my skin I often need something with better coverage.

I do sometimes use blush, but my favorite is actually from the Bare Minerals intro package, and is called "Warmth". It's sort of between bronzer and blush, and just lives up to its name.


I find eye makeup so much simpler and easier to find than foundation. I've found several drug store eyeliners that stay well and my favorite has been CoverGirl Lineexact. I use a pencil liner for a little lining under the eye. Heavy eyeliner is in style now, and I wonder if it'll be iconic for this decade like blush was in the 80's.

Most mascaras are about the same in my experience, so I don't recommend one in particular. Anyone have one that they love?  I do use eyeshadow, but it lasts forever and I've only bought what's on clearance every now and then.


With lipstick, do you want color, shine, moisturizing, fullness? What I generally want is a little moisturizing and a subtle color. So, both Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede  and NYX Soft Matte Cream have been working for me, with whatever gloss I want on top.

Anyone else have suggestions

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Amy B said...

For mascara, I keep going back to Maybelline Full & Soft. You are right that they are mostly the same, but that is not completely true. Some are definitely worse than others. I have never tried any expensive, department store mascaras, so I cannot speak to whether or not they are worth it. I have read many articles stating that they aren't. Anyway, I also used Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara - it is pretty good, but more expensive. Every time I stray from Full & Soft, though, I end up going back because it is the best one I have found.

I just can't do eyeliner - I've tried and tried and it never looks right on me!

I am no makeup expert, but I would suggest trying cream blush sometime. I still like bronzing mineral poweders as a blush too, but I am a cream blush convert! I am using a L'Oreal blush right now.