Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is why you should buy Cutco

So Sunday night was the end of an absolutely packed weekend and I was totally exhausted. It was 11pm by the time I'd put the kiddo to bed, finished cleaning up, and put away the groceries we bought at 9:30pm. I took a deep breath and decided to treat myself to a slice of this amazing frozen peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust. It's awful for you but, dang it, I was going to have a piece and relax before bed.

I pulled out a plate and a steak knife to cut myself a small slice and pushed down firmly to slice through the frozen deliciousness.

And then the handle broke off the knife, plunging my hand down onto the now handle-less back of the knife. I thought, "Oh man, the knife broke, I wonder if I cut myself?" A quick look down and, "Oh, wow, that would be my knuckle bone!"

It was a calm but adrenaline-filled 'drive yourself to the emergency room' experience (you'll do a lot to avoid having to take an exhausted child to the emergency room at midnight) and my first stitches ever.

And that, folks, is why you should splurge and buy Cutco.

Disclaimer: I sold Cutco (rather unsuccessfully) in college.

Caveat: I no longer sell Cutco. I was just apparently successfully indoctrinated.

PS: I totally ate that piece of pie when I got home at 2am

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