Sunday, June 30, 2013

What I Do When My Husband And Son Are Out Of Town

1. Turn the temperature up two degrees (Isaac has won this war, so by my standards the house is always cold).

2. Turn on the florescent lights instead of the incandescent ones (courtesy of growing up overseas with florescent tube lights, all American homes feel dimly lit to me).

3. Eat Vietnamese food (Isaac steadfastly refuses to like Vietnamese food, despite loving Thai and Indonesian)

4. Drink bubble tea at dinner time and have a weird snacky dinner at 11pm. Repeat performance each day by eating weird things at random hours of the day and never sitting down for a proper meal.

5. Deep clean the house and enjoy the fact that there are no toys underfoot and no crumbs on the kitchen floor.

6. Miss hearing excited exclamations of "Mama!!" when I open the front door.

7.  Exult that for five whole days I will not see or hear anything related to Big Bang Theory or Star Trek.

8. Miss debriefing on life with my husband at the end of each day and avoid thinking about his empty side of the bed.

8. Put on music in the morning and in the peace spend time reading, doing focused Bible study, and blogging. What? Time to think? I'd forgotten it existed.

9. Watch foreign films (I like artsy films, half of which are foreign films. Isaac hates them).

10. Drive across town for girl time with girlfriends from all stages of life that I don't usually get to spend good time with.

11. Go to the ladies Bible study before church that I usually can't go to because I take care of Judah Sunday morning. I was the only woman under 60 and was treated to a good deal of folk wisdom. Still not sure I believe that putting peanut butter on a cd to clean it is a good way to keep it from skipping. Oh, and the cd was referred to as "record".

12. Skype with husband, son, and my side of the family. Watch with laughter/concern as they crack up while watching the youtube screaming goat video.

13. Steal my husbands pillow (the fluffiest of them all) and sleep in luxury. 

PS - My husband arrived home and went straight to the thermostat: "Someone has put this house at an unreasonably warm temperature. Don't worry, it'll be set right in just a moment"

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