Sunday, July 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Ah, American medical system. Never go to the emergency room unless you're truly dying. All other emergencies should go to an urgent care facility. We sort of had this assumption that emergency rooms were an affordable way to go, this assumption stemming from seven years ago in Chicago when Isaac badly burned his foot. Insurance told us they didn't cover any burn specialists in the city of Chicago (?!) but that we could get to one by going through the emergency room at the public hospital each time he needed to have the foot treated. We did and it WAS affordable and good care. So last month when I cut my hand to the bone, I drove to the emergency room. Well, now I know. Three stitches would cost very little at an urgent care center, but at an emergency room they cost me over $900, post-insurance. Awesome.

2. I did a bunch of research on birthing centers this week. I'm considering forgoing an epidural this time and that would mean a birth center is one possible option. I also hate navigating the bills from the medical/hospital system (see #1). There are two great birthing centers near here, but it turns out they are all outside of our insurance network, so they don't count towards our deductible. Which means we'd ultimately spend more, because I'm over halfway to my deductible anyways. We toured the hospital maternity and labor and delivery section because I was nervous about bad reviews on the net over the years. Well, it was upgraded last year and has several things that make it smaller, more mama/baby friendly, and hopefully cheaper than my last hospital experience (which wasn't bad, but cheaper is good!). So, I am getting excited and okay with going the hospital route.

3. We have Judah scheduled for getting an ear tube in his left year this week. I'm finding he's unusual because most kids have tubes scheduled after multiple ear infections. He's only ever had one and they're just not a problem. Instead it was driven by the speech delay search, and after letting some time pass to make sure he wasn't just having sinus issues, they say the fluid buildup on that side is affecting his hearing and probably his speech. I struggle with trusting any one doctor now because (see #1) I always find myself caught in a medical system feeling like I'm being overcharged and possibly over serviced because I don't know the system. I also have friends who have very effectively used a chiropractor to deal with childhood ear problems (It's a real thing, ya'll - spine issues affect kids in crazy ways). However, because this is just one ear and not accompanied by infections, I don't think that's the problem. So... ear tube, here we come.

4. Heat! I was really sad to have the spring pass into the summer because Texas summers are oppressively hot. I find myself hiding inside and everything around here gets brown (spring is the green season in Texas!). However, it's been a fairly mild summer and this next week has highs in the 80's and low 90's most of the week. Unheard of!!

5. I have been Pinteresting it up recently in my cooking. Once I've tried something I pin it to my "Pinterest Ideas I've Tried" board, which you can see here:

6. We hit 60% funded this week! Hitting 50% was huge, hitting 60% means we're most of the way there, and have momentum behind us. This whole support-raising thing has been such a journey, but I will say it's been teaching us diligence in our work, boldness is sharing what we do, and a sense of ownership over the vision. The end and getting to Indonesia is in sight! If anyone wants to get our newsletters or know more about what we're doing (I keep this blog pretty separate), let me know.

7. Our Independence Day neighborhood party had pellet guns out for a little competition. We don't have any toy guns at home (not against it, just don't have any). Well, Judah was totally fascinated and immediately picked up the kid foam dart gun and walked around very seriously. Isaac titles the first one, "The British are coming!" :)

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Anonymous said...

Was just praying for your fundraising efforts this morning - glad to hear you're over the halfway mark. :-) Yes, please add me to your newsletter mailing list. Would love to hear how things are going in Indonesia!