Monday, July 22, 2013

An Honest Pregnancy Whinge


Complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.

An act of complaining in such a way.

Pregnancy this time around has been fun fun fun. Or rather, not at all.

 Last time I rarely felt sick, really only when driving. This time around, the first trimester held weeks of waves of nausea each time I got the least bit hungry. I actually threw up for the first time (I know, some of you are like, what are you complaining about then??). I was completely exhausted, which was the same as my first pregnancy. I'd fall asleep as soon as dinner was over for a month or so.

Last time around early in the pregnancy I was about to leave the country and out of all the airport food options, I ordered a big ol' MacDonalds breakfast. I never do this. MacDonald's is foul. This time around at the same stage, breakfast-less and feeling nasea coming on with the hunger, I picked up a big MacDonald's breakfast platter with hot cakes. I know, disgusting. This brings on the question - why, when your body most needs to take in awesome nutrition because the baby is in the most vulnerable of growth stages in which everything important is being formed - do we crave total crap?

Both times I have no desire to eat sweets or drink coffee (both of which I usually love) during the first trimester. Zero. Just greasy meat, which I never want in regular life.

This time around I've been wrestling more with my blood sugar. I keep snacks around because I have to eat often, even though the nausea is long gone. I just totally crash after a couple of hours if I haven't eaten. In the first tri-mester I passed out one morning in the bathroom when I hadn't had anything to eat yet, and since then I've had several more episodes of feeling very lightheaded and about to pass out. I write as I sit in the lab waiting room for a follow-up gestational diabetes test after having failed the first one. Could this be the explanation? (Update - passed the test, no gestational diabetes).

I have gained the baby bump and the accompanying weight faster this time around, which is typical of a second baby but as always body image is a tough thing in this day and age, and it's hard to keep a positive attitude about changing shape when you were quite happy the way you were. I'd say right about now I look fine - it's sort of the stage where you no longer could be mistaken for simply gaining weight. I'm definitely pregnant and have the round belly that people always say is "so cute". But then anytime someone says "You're totally not an awkward waddling pregnant woman." I say, "Umm, I've got over three months to go. Check back in a month and I'll be awkwardly waddling and huge. I already feel like I'm awkwardly waddling."

First time around, once I got to the second trimester I'd tell people that asked how I was doing that I was in the easy stage of pregnancy (true) and that it was easy to forget I was pregnant. This time around I started to use the line and realized it was a lie. I have been so sore this time around. Both times I would get a week or two of bad round ligament pain near the beginning of the second trimester, which is when the hormonal rush softens your ligaments in your hips and pelvis so that everything can shift around, which meant lots of aching so that it was even painful for me to walk. But that passes and yet still, I am so sore and achy. People tell me that's because I'm having a girl.

It's odd because I have been more disciplined about working out this time around, using the elliptical, a prenatal workout DVD, and long walks. I'm not harsh on myself, I've just been consistent, and yet every time I work out I am SO sore, as if I haven't been working out at all up until now. My body aches, I am weary, I have a hard time sleeping.

So. That's awesome. I'm 25 weeks right now and while I have okay days, on the rough days I tell Isaac that this is how I felt during the last month of pregnancy, and I've got plenty of time left to go. How will I make it through??

I will. I will. But.... *whine*....


rachieannie said...

I feel your pain! Pregnancy is just hard. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I TOTALLY bought into the idea that it was this magical time where nothing can go wrong, except maybe some nausea in the beginning.

Then I got pregnant. And now? You rock. Just for being pregnant and getting up during the day and taking care of your kiddo and actually having the energy to write something. You rock just for making an ear or a spleen today. Count it as your to-do list and call it good!

Amy B said...

My second pregnancy was lots harder too. But the baby is still way worth it in the end! ;) xoxo

Andrea Ward said...

I'm only 7 weeks, but I've already gained weight and I'm not happy about it.

I'm not as sick as with my first one, but it seems as bad because I'm running after him or trying to. And then there's all the stuff around the house that I don't have energy to do. So yeah, this one seems harder too.