Monday, December 30, 2013

Dallas Ice Storm of 2013

Dallas rarely snows, but everyone will tell you that they get ice. In my six and half years here, I've now seen two crazy ice storms. It's not just a little ice on the road. A real ice storm is inches of ice EVERYWHERE, highways closed, and the city shut down. Both storms were about six weeks after the birth of each of my children. I wrote about the last one here, complete with pictures.

We  actually got iced out Dallas completely. We were in Colorado with my family for Thanksgiving and an extra week afterwards. We stopped in Wichita with my grandparents on the drive home and watched the weather predict a major storm. We started our drive anyways but by the time we were in Oklahoma City we knew all southbound highways were closed, the roads to our house were impassable, and our house didn't have power. So... we stayed in Oklahoma City for two nights waiting for the temps to move above freezing and the power to go back on.

When we finally got home, we made it to our drive and everything was ice. That's our driveway, covered in ice and snow. Isaac slipped and slid down the ice to our cabin, where he put on snow boots and picked up a sled, which is what we used to shuttle the kids and bags down to the cabin. We had to do it for two more days until it all finally melted.

It was sort of a grand ludicrous adventure! The second day things had melted and refrozen and were even more treacherously beautiful. Stunning - ice glimmering everywhere, like a fairy world. Trees and limbs were down everywhere, and even the dogs couldn't walk on it.

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