Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Questions drawn from Whitney at Elm Street Life

A bad habit I'm going to break: Biting my nails. I think this was my resolution like four years ago. Fail. 

A new skill I'd like to learn: Driving stick. In process. Finally. 

A person I hope to be more like: Barry and Clive, two guys in Papua, both Westerners, my examples of people who have open their hearts and lives to their community and built deep relationships instead of seeming set apart at Westerners. 

A good deed I'm going to do: I'm stealing Whitney's answer and saying babysit for other peoples' kids so they can get out. I know it's needed in this life stage, and it's something I can give. 

A place I'd like to visit: I'd like to visit several of the big cities in Java while we're in language school in Java. Sightseeing! Especially Jogjakarta, so Isaac can see the history. 

A book I'd like to read: There are like 5,000 books I want to read. How about Barbara Kingsolver's latest? I've heard great things. 

A letter I'm going to write: I'd like to write consistently to Missy and Linda, my dear friends also transitioning across the world. Sharing that experience is a gift, and I want to take advantage of it and communicate more consistently. 

A new food I'd like to try: Homemade bread! 

I'm going to do better at: Indonesian! Really looking forward to upping my language skills through language school!

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