Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A few things I've been loving lately. First of all, you're probably reading this on a blog reader, but if you take a moment to go to my actual blog, I have a side bar on the right with blogs that I love. I hadn't updated that for ages and I tried to recently, though it was hard to think in the moment of the blogs I'm most into recently! It only shows the most recently updated blogs rather than the whole list.

I want to specifically point to two blogs that I've been loving recently. First, Naomi, a fellow grew-up-in-Indonesia kid, just took her husband back to Indonesia. They now live in Japan, he's in the military, she's an artist and their musings on the trip, the culture, and their photos are just so great. We won't be living in the places they visited, but much of it was "home" to me growing up. Here's the school I grew up at and this post is just around town.

Also, I recently discovered a blog by a man who works in leadership training in the town I grew up in. I've never met him, but he's doing some of what Isaac will be doing in a different city, and his insight into the culture is wonderful to read. Here is a post about two sad deaths and syncretism in the funeral and death practices. Another on being a relatively wealthy Westerner amidst local poverty.

For Christmas I got a phone cover that I love. It's mostly because I'm incredibly forgetful. Isaac always tells me to repeat the mantra "keys, phone, wallet" to myself before leaving anywhere, and swears that if I did this, I wouldn't lose things so often. Well, with this phone case, I can keep my basic cards and my keys on my phone. It's working great for me. AND... it's cheap.

I also bought myself this ring with Christmas money because it was cheap and I love delicate silver work. Love it.

Also, we order most of our supplies for mailing via vistaprint. Well, turns out you can build caricatures of your family. Of course, options are limited so my husband's figure ends up looking like Daniel Farraday from Lost, but it's still fun. I get a huge kick out of our address labels, and it's fun to change them as our family grows.

As I returned to regular clothes post-baby, I have found I need "mom" clothes. I've been working all this time, but now that I'm at home, wearing black pants and a nice shirt for washing dishes and cleaning up messes doesn't really work. I now own five Mossimo V-neck t-shirts from Target in various colors, some long-sleeved, some short sleeved. They're the perfect size and fit and I can wear them to go on a run, to be mom around the house, or dress them up to go out.

At long last, I have established my favorite non-luxury coffee brand. Peets. You can get it at a lot of grocery stores and their dark blends are SO GOOD. Major Dickisons, or another one that my mom got me for my birthday... so good.

Elly has been a baby who does not want to be put down and so I bought a sling at the thrift store so that I could have something to just pop her in and out of easily. When Judah was a baby I tried the Moby wrap and didn't really like it. Maybe if I'd been a stay at home mom it would have worked for me, but since we were in and out of the car so much, a labor-intensive wrapping experience didn't work for me. This time around I have an Ergo and I'm still excited about it, but I don't like the infant insert, so for these early months the sling has been a lifesaver and allowed me to make dinner and wash dishes when she is demanding to be held. The one I found was a Hotslings.

Another thing I love for this stage of life? Instagram. I practically got a smartphone FOR instagram. I love images and taking photos, but I no longer have a computer or a working camera, and I was desperate to take photos of this new baby and share them with family far away. Having a Galaxy with a good camera on it has been a lifesaver. In a stage of life when I don't have much time to sit and type throughout the day, I can still snap a photo to capture things, and I love seeing images of others' lives. I also discovered Stickygram, where I can create little magnets of my instagrams. I sent a pack of magnets of my favorite images to all the grandmas for Christmas, and that's just fun.

I've started buying only Dial Gold hand soap. When I ended up with a bottle I was like - this is it! This smells like clean! It's sort of an ugly orange, but I love the way it smells.

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