Saturday, February 1, 2014

Judah Bear, Snuggles, and One-Liners

Over the past two weeks my Judah has started coming up and saying, "Mama, mama, look at me, look at me." When I look at him and focus he says, "I need 'nuggle."

The first time he said it it took me a while to figure out what he was trying to say. Snuggle. Mama, I need to snuggle.

I've written before about how he's a touchy feely little kid and I am most definitely not a touchy feely person. He's figured it out, though. Instead of wiggling everywhere and attempting to press up against me while he's playing or hold on to my shirt while I move around the kitchen, he can tell me that he needs to snuggle. And man, when those bright eyes look up at me and he says, "I need 'nuggle".... I die. Absolutely, little man. I will drop what I'm doing, sit on the couch, and hold you tight.

I love this stage. He's three years old and his speech totally took off after Elly was born, and with speech comes imagination and communication and much hilarity. He has co-opted our facebook's with statuses about his antics and the fantastic things that come out of his mouth. He keeps me laughing and keeps me on my toes, because if I let him out of my sight for two seconds he likely will have created another facebook-worthy situation. It's overwhelming sometimes too, but I so want to remember these times soo.... it's story time, ya'll

He currently says, "I need carry you" when he means, "I need you to get me." All he knows is that when he begs to be picked up I say, "You need me to get you?" And so that's the line he uses to ask for it. I also use the line, "Look at me!" a lot as I try to settle down his energy and get him to focus on the lines of discipline I'm drawing. He now uses it on me. "No, look at me, mommy, look at my eyesh!"

We can't help but laugh when he frantically repeats back our "Stop, stop, stop!" because he can't pronounce the "s". Today he was in one room trying to get away with something unseen, and when Isaac started to walk in Judah yelled, "Pop, pop, pop, Daddy!" Isaac came back in just to laugh it out before going to deal with him.

Judah absolutely loves family togetherness, and anytime we are all together on the couch, or on the bed, or getting ready together, he says, "And Mommy and Daddy and Baby and Judah." His nicknames for Elly have progressed from "weet baby" (sweet baby) to "honey bean" (his version of my nickname for her - Elly Bean) to the most correct, "Ollie". I think it's hilarious. "Mommy, where Ollie go?" He really wants her to be old enough to play - he's just dying for a playmate (and I am dying for him to have someone other than me to play with!).

Tonight I had Elly in her bouncer and had given Judah a bag of chips that came with a meal out ages ago and has been seen in our cupboard since. Judah said, "Oh, Ollie mouf." I looked down and said, "Yeah, she spit up." Then I looked closer and thought that bit of spitup looked odd, and then I realized she was chewing on a chip Judah had given her. So much for introducing babies slowly to all-natural goodness!

He has begun singing along with music, and that's a little embarassing because the songs he now sings are the ABC's, "Happy Birthday", "Jesus Loves Me", "One Day" by Matisyahu, and "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy. Don't even ask. It wasn't me. It is soooo sweet though, to walk past his bed and hear him singing, "Fo 'da Bi-ble tells me toe".

He went through a stage of being scared of a variety of things, including the drain in the bathtub, but most particularly... smoke detectors. He says, "I scawy da mo tector." That obsession has gone on for a year, but over Christmas one actually went off. and I actually think that's caused his fear to subside because we were able to explain what they actually do. He still figures out exactly where the smoke detector is located in just about every room we enter. Very creepy.

For ages we have prayed with him before bed, and Isaac always prays that we would raise our support and be able to go to Indonesia. A couple of weeks ago when we asked him if he wanted to pray or if he wanted us to pray, he surprised us by saying he would pray, and he launched right in and thanked Jesus for Mommy and Daddy and Judah and baby and then *mumble mumble* airplane *mumble* 'nesia. Since then he's taken so strongly to the idea of taking an airplane to Indonesia that every time we get ready to leave the house he grabs his pack and announces that we're going to the airport and going to Indonesia. Not yet, little man.

He has absolutely endless energy. He runs back and forth through the house, dancing, jumping, giggling, and inevitably running into things and coming crying for a kiss to make it better (this literally happened like one minute after I wrote that sentance). When he has burned off the energy he sits and meticulously arranges his trains or cars or perhaps something like the skins of sweet potatoes. Having him help me in the kitchen is great... but I have to be ready for the mess that usually results from him.

Facebook statuses capturing classic Judah moments:

(right) Should I be amused or grossed out? Those are broken pieces of lasagna noodles and apricots, carefully arranged on the baby blanket....on the bathroom floor.

My wakeup call this morning: "Mommy! I need you get boogers in my nose!"
#motherhood #goodmorning?

Judah brought me a toy phone this morning and asked me to fix it. I told him the battery was dead and I couldn't fix it right then. He scurried away and came back with a toy hammer, took the phone and assured me that he was going to "fix" it. 
This does not bode well for my hopes that he will grow up to be the mechanic in this family.

Isaac: God made the moon and God made the stars, and what else did God make? 
Judah: Smoke detector

(accompanying photo to the right)
Judah, sweetly and politely: Momma, you go 'way pleash?
Me: No, Judah. You've already had one cookie, no more.
Judah (holding cookie jar): Mama, I go in da other room an' be right back, okay Mommy?

Judah: The baby 'weet? (Sweet)
Me: The baby is sweet and Judah is sweet
Judah: No. I not 'weet.
Me: You're not sweet? Then what are you?
Judah: I two.
*wise beyond his years. This was before he turned three*

The commentary from Judah as Isaac supervises my re-learning to drive a stick shift:
Good job mommy, good job. 
Don't worry mommy, don't worry. 
Drive, mommy! 
Clutch in, mommy!
Mommy, I scary. 
Mommy, you no drive. Daddy drive. 

At lunch today:
Kacie: "Judah, can you promise that by the time Elly becomes a toddler you'll be quiet, sweet, and cal..."
Judah: Suddenly, shakes his chair and screams like a drug-enraged chimp locked in a cage.
Kacie: *wide eyed*
Me: "Well, there's your answer."

And I leave you with the delight that is Judah and his two cousins dancing to "What Does The Fox Say". 

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Stephaniemains28 said...

Please don't ever stop posting here!! I've never heard him say so many words! Can't wait to see you guys soon. :)
And could it be? Is the smoke detector saga over??