Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hi friends. I just wanted you all to know that I have been blogging at

WE ARE FINALLY IN INDONESIA! That link is a site set up for those that are supporting and praying for us and our work overseas, and we are trying to keep the up to date with our lives and transition. The very best time to write about how different your life is is when the differences are new and you are freshly processing. So, for now, I'm primarily writing there. I'll be back here eventually! I have several draft posts from our travels I will post.

A few random comments:

- I am in the honeymoon stage of adjustment. After the initial week of jet lag, culture shock, and general disorientation, I have settled into, "I cannot believe I get to live here." I drink it in. I hate to talk about it, though, because those around me in language school are in other stages of frustration, loneliness, and sometimes even depression.

- In the US I had to force myself to be social a lot of the time. Here, at least at the beginning, I am out every chance I get, eagerly chatting with anyone who will chat with me. That may change with time, but it does also speak to the fact that I am very comfortable being a foreigner, and much less comfortable in my own people group.

- I am super thankful to have a head start on the language. I don't particularly like challenges, so being at the point where I have some but also have the vision of being very fluent and competent eventually makes me super motivated to learn. I am loving it.

- My three year old. Ya'll. Mothering a toddler makes me feel like a bad mom. Whew. It wears you down, the constant discipline of this stage. God help me, in complete seriousness, love and guide my child well. Doesn't help that it feels like Indonesian kids rarely fuss, and my toddler is excessively fussy.

- It's Ramadan. And we are in the midst of national Presidential elections. And the World Cup. It's been a really big first few weeks here.

Below - the entrance to our house. It looks like we're in the middle of pure greenery, but we're actually surrounded by other houses.... there's just so much green you can't tell! Our area is on the outskirts of town, with some relatively wealthy families and some very poor families around. We love the neighborhood and are getting to know our neighbors. 

Anyways - follow us over at the other blog for stories of transitioning to Indonesia.


Melissa said...

i'm so excited for you!

Charlotte said...

It's not the terrible twos. It's the terrible threes.